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Yupo Ultra Watercolour Paper 200 gsm A3 Pack 10 Sheets







Yupo Ultra is a unique alternative to traditional art papers. It is a synthetic paper, made of 100% Polypropylene and because the primary raw material ingredients Yupo are carbon and hydrogen, it is considered to be highly environmentally friendly. It features a non-absorbent, ultra-smooth surface that resists tearing and buckling and remains perfectly flat, eliminating the need for soaking, stretching or taping. The non-absorbent surface allows watercolours and acrylics to sit right on top of the paper, providing beautiful watery effects that are unachievable on any other paper. Pigments applied to the ultra white sheet retain their true clarity and brilliance making the colours more vibrant and brilliant than standard papers.Yupo synthetic paper can withstand multiple erasures and it can even be run under a tap to erase watercolours. It holds pen and ink lines with razor sharp precision and markers work beautifully on the unique surface as well. Yupo is also ideal for silkscreen printing, drawing and offset printing. Due to the unique qualities of this paper, dirt and oils can hinder its performance so it is recommended that any spots and/or fingerprints be removed with soap and water before use. Yupo ultra-smooth synthetic paper is pH neutral, flawlessly smooth and recyclable.