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Magnani 1404 Artists Notebook




The paper used in the Magnani 1404 Notebook is a mixture of 80% high alpha cellulose plus 20% pure cotton and manufactured on a cylinder mould machine to produce a smooth, natural finish, fine art drawing paper of superior quality, consistency and versatility. 
The acid and chlorine-free composition of this special 140gsm, 20% cotton/ 80% alpha cellulose sketching paper gives it a high resistance against yellowing from UV rays thus guaranteeing maximum yield of the applied colours with maximum durability over time.
Magnani 1404 Notebook paper is suitable for all sketching and drawing techniques and available both in portrait and landscape in wire spiral bound, 64 sheet (128 page) sketchbook format with a durable cover and heavy boxboard back cover. The pages are micro-perforated to produce loose sheets in the true metric sizes of A5, A4 and A3