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Richeson Tempered and Gessoed Hardboard Panels





To produce tempered hardboard, untempered hardboard is further treated with a thin coating of linseed oil and then heat-treated in a circulating hot-air oven for several hours to cure the oil. This produces a hardboard surface with maximum adherence and scratch resistance of subsequent painted finishes. The 3.2mm thick tempered hardboard is then coated with two coats of artists’ quality, acrylic gesso using the “waterfall” application method to produce the ultimate, lightly toothed, ready-to-use, formaldehyde-free, painting substrate for all media.The properties of the Richeson tempered hardboard surface ensures that the gesso bonds perfectly to the board ready to accept all media thus making it the perfect panel for all painters – professional and students alike. Finally all gessoed panel surface edges are bevelled and the panels individually labelled and shrink-wrapped to protect the painting surface.