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Hydrocryl Artists Acrylic Series 3






Made in Australia from locally sourced materials, Hydrocryl features brilliant, vibrant and intense colour that remains 100% true after drying. All colours are made from single pigments with the highest Blue Wool Scale and ASTM 1 ratings. These are combined with acrylic emulsions absent of any fillers, providing the user with premium adhesion to all surfaces and negates any lifting or cracking. Hydrocryl is manufactured as a heavy bodied paste that mimics oils with the retention of brush strokes and allows for maximum control and effect on any surface. All colours have been formulated to provide a healthy alternative to the use of all solvents and heavy metals. Environmentally friendly and when dry, Hydrocryl has USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval as being acceptable for direct food contact.
A full range of mediums allows for increased flow and impasto effects as well as control over the gloss, matte and satin finishes. 
Available in 65ml, 250ml and 500ml.