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KUM Memory Point Brush Set of 4




KUM Memory Point Brush Set of 4

The high-tech fibres in KUM Memory Point brushes were exclusively developed for KUM. The material used and its special processing give the Memory Point brush range an array of special properties that surpass the features present in all previously known synthetic fibres.

The Memory Point brush has a perfectly shaped brush tip, making it possible to work extremely precisely and paint the smallest details with every brush size. The brush fibres are extremely elastic, allowing the fine tip to return to its original shape, even after repeated use. This makes Memory Point brushes very durable and long-lasting. The outstanding holding capacity of these brushes makes them especially suitable for large-scale works. Colour is optimally stored and released allowing the user to create even surfaces and colour gradients easily and quickly.
Memory Point brushes are perfect for using with watercolours, gouache, acrylics, silk and glass paints. They feature a short handle and the ergonomic, smooth and round surface makes them comfortable to hold for long periods.