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Jullian Vintage French Box Easel + Umbrella







JULIAN VINTAGE FRENCH BOX EASEL+UMBRELLA. Vintage lacquered european oak with an antique finish will elegantly harmonise with most studio or gallery interiors when used as a piece of furniture.Designed for travelling, this sketchboxeasel is supplied complete with a stitched leather strap, handle and name tag holder, an artist honeycomb towel, fabric back-pack/carry bag and a set of 3 brass plated easel leg spikes for rugged outdoor use. The 130cm diameter patriotic French tri-colour JULLIAN umbrella is manufactured from translucent nylon to provide protection from direct sunlight as well as diffusing the natural light without interfering with colour accuracy. The flexible gooseneck clamps to the easel, allowing the umbrella to be adjusted to any position and features the distinctive JULLIAN of PARIS logo.- weight 1.2kg.