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Shiva Paintstiks Iridescents




Professional grade, artists' oil colours in a convenient stick form. Manufactured from quality pigments, blended with refined linseed oil and solidified with a wax base. can be used in conjunction with conventional oil paint surfaces, mediums and varnishes using the same techniques As there are no unpleasant odours or fumes, Paintstiks can be used virtually anywhere at any time and from a protective "self sealing" film when not in use, just peel the seal before using. This ensures that Paintstiks remain moist and fresh and have an indefinite shelf life. Standard 5/8 x 4 1/2" (16 x 114mm) Paintstiks are available in 68 colours plus clear and iridescent blending sticks and a range of pre-packaged assortments for all applications. 


There are 22 colours in the Shiva Iridescents series.