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Du-Kit Oven Bake Modelling Material





Superior to all brands of "oven bake" modelling compounds( Polymer Clay). It is easily fired in a domestic oven, has a long shelf life and is suitable educational for artistic, commercial, and industrial applications. It is non-toxic, and remains soft and pliable until fired. Once fired it can be drilled, sawn, sculpted, glued, painted or lacquered to a gloss finish. 
The 9 primary mixing colours plus black and white can be mixed to produce up to 90 shades and tints. Available in 50gm blocks with selected colours available in 250gm blocks.
Du-Kit Translucent - essential for the creation of flesh shades and to create marbled effects. May be added to any colour (up to 1/3 by volume) without materially altering the original colour. 
Du-Kit Pearl (iridescent white) - can be used in conjunction with any (except standard white) to create iridescent effects and pastel shades. 

Instruction Sheet:

Colour Mixing Guide:

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