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Hot Wire Industrial Hot Knife Kit




This tool is for doing fast and serious damage to your big foam projects, and to you if not used properly. Unlike other lower-quality models this rugged Industrial Hot Knife can be used continuously for periods of up to 45 minutes and much longer if turned off between cuts. It is lightweight, solid state (the power supply is right in the handle), has replaceable blades, variable heat settings, and a 10 foot power cord. Used by professionals for large art and installation projects and is supplied with instructions in a sturdy carrying case including -
Industrial Hot Knife tool
4-Inch Straight Blade
6-Inch Straight Blade
Sled Guide with replaceable 30cm semi-rigid and bendable grooving blades
Two (2) easy-to-hand-shape 12-inch round blades for creative cutting
Two (2) easy-to-hand-shape 12-inch flat blades for creative cutting
Cleaning brush and blade tightening tool