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Weber wOil Water-Mixable Oil Colour Sets


Set of:


wOils have been developed specifically to emulate the features and beauty of traditional oil colours with the added advantage of being water-mixable. The main difference between wOils and traditionaloil colours is wOil’s ability to thin and clean up with soap and water rather than solvents that require special care in handling and use. wOils are ideal for oil painters who are sensitive to, or want avoid solvents such as turpentine or those who work in an enclosed environment.

There is no water in the wOil formulation. The linseed and safflower oils used in the formulation have been modified to allow the colour to mix with water, creating a stable emulsion while still retaining the working characteristics of traditional oils. The breakthrough “Green Chemistry”employed in the production and development of wOil Artist Oil colours means that all colours in the range are AP non-toxic. wOils have a smooth buttery consistency with a medium to heavy body viscosity and can be blended easily with traditional oil colours and mediums They can be used directly from the tube or thinned with water or wOil mediums. Each set includes a 60ml bottle of Weber modified linseed oil

Set of 6 or Set of 12