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Shiva Casein Basic 6 Tube Starter Set




Fast drying, re-workable, water-soluble, multi-media colours. Few artist colours are as easy to handle or allow the artist to learn such a variety of painting techniques.  All Shiva casein colors are chemically pure pigments and are permanent to light, gases, alkalies, and acids. They may be applied on almost any grease-free surface: canvas, board, wood, gesso, paper, cement, plaster, wet or dry lime walls and for painting on glass - their adhesive qualities are excellent. Where it often takes hours, before a section of an oil painting can be reworked, it takes only minutes before a layer of casein can be applied over another. This handy starter set includes one 37ml tube each of Cad. Red Scarlet, Cad. Yellow Light, Ivory Black, Phthalo Green, Titanium White and Ultramarine blue.