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Cretacolor Drawing Sets




The contents of these sets were determined after consultation by the manufacturer with over 500 art teachers in the USA. Each lidded metal box contains a selection of appropriate sketching materials for both "Beginner" and "Advanced" level uses.  

Beginner Set - Contains the choice of basic sketching material required by every student and includes one each of - medium charcoal and "Nero" carbon pencils and paper stump, 2B and 4B "Cleos" fine art graphite pencils, 6B woodless pencil, soft compressed charcoal stick, black and sanguine sketching pastels plus both small kneadable and Monolith India rubber erasers.

Advanced Set - Includes 2H, HB, 2B and 4B "Cleos" pencils, one each sanguine, sepia light,  sepia dark and white chalk pencils, soft and medium charcoal pencils, soft and hard carbon pencils, 4B and 8B watersoluble graphite pencils, soft and medium compressed charcoal sticks, 6B woodless pencil, one stick each sketching coal, thick 6B graphite, thin 2B graphite, sanguine burnt, deep black burnt plus one each of the artist's accessories Monolith sharpener, medium paper stump, small kneadable eraser and small Monolith India rubber eraser.