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Coates Willow Charcoal




Established in 1819 by the Coate family, this renewable crop plantation now produces the World's finest Willow Charcoal. Willow is a renewable crop taking in natural nutrients from the winter leaf fall; consequently, no artificial fertilisers are needed. The soft black charcoal produced from these best quality willows is particularly suited to satisfy the whole range of artistic needs. Coates willow rods are clean and straight and are top quality artist's pieces. Approx 13.5mm long sticks.

Available in sizes:

  • 2-3mm -box of 25
  • 3-4mm -box of 10
  • 5-6mm -box of 6
  • 5-6mm -box of 25
  • 7-9mm -box of 3
  • 7-9mm -box of 12
  • 7-12mm -box of 12
  • 10-15mm -box of 4
  • 15mm+ -Box of 1
  • Assorted 3-12mm -box of 30