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SpectraFix Degas Glass Varnish




SpectraFix Degas Natural Glass varnish is a revolutionary new water-based BioPolymer varnish and painting medium made from nature's own pure ingredients. Fast drying to a water-resistant, semi-gloss film, Natural Glass works beautifully as a varnish or medium for all painting and drawing media, and on virtually all supports, including canvas, paper, Yupo, ceramic, stone, glass, leather, fabric (not washable) and more. It can be re-worked, painted over, layered or used as pouring medium.Pastel and watercolor artists no longer need to frame their work under glass! The lustrous surface adds depth to your colours while protecting from scratches and moisture. Pigment brilliance is preserved, you won't lose your highlights or dull your colours, in fact, pigments become even more luminous.Natural Glass is completely non-toxic with no irritating fumes, and can be used indoors.