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Derwent Artbar Watercolour Bars




The Artbar by Derwent is another exciting and innovative new product from Derwent. The Artbar is a triangular-shaped bar of highly pigmented, water-soluble colour with a high wax content providing the user with a consistent, smooth texture and soft and creamy colour. The Artbar is perfect for creating a wide variety of marks and textures with the distinctive triangular shape allowing you to create different and more interesting marks than those you can make with round sticks. The high pigment load of the Artbar allows you to build up colour and layers to make a dense, thick texture and when used with water, the colour release makes the Artbar feel like it is melting in your hands. It is almost indistinguishable from paint when wet. The Artbar provides an opaque colour as opposed to the Inktense bars and is also non-permanent.  Artbars measure 95mm in length with 10mm sides and are protected on all 3 sides with a silver, peel-able wrapper. The Artbar is available in 72 colours and includes colours specifically requested by Artists and provides a comprehensive selection of 4 tonal groups - Brights, Pales, Earths and Darks.