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Zest-It Dip Pen Cleaner




Zest-It Dip pen cleaner will remove indian and permanent ink, wether fresh or old, dried-on ink from dip pen nibs. Simply soak the nibs in the cleaner for 10 to 20 minutes, wash with water and dry. It is recommended that you keep the solution as Zest-It has a very long shelf life so this solution can be used over and over again to clean your nibs. Alternatively there is the Zest-It Dip Pen Ink Cleaner Sponge. Similar to the Zest-it Blending sponge, this product is pre-soaked in Zest-It. All you have to do is stick the nibs into the sponge and let Zest-It do the rest! The Zest-It Dip Pen Ink cleaner contains no CFC's or aromatics, has a pleasant smell, is bio-degradable and does not irritate the skin. It has a minimum shelf life of 5 years. NB: If nibs are left in the solution for an extended period; this may lead to a discolouration of the nibs. The nib will not be damaged but the coloured bronze lacquer may be stripped off the surface.

Dip Pen Cleaner is available in 250ml bottles.