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SIO-2 White Earthenware Clay 12.5kg bag - QUOTE REQUIRED




Due to the weight of this product a quote is required prior to dispatch.

Price Guide: As at the 23/1/23 the price for a 12.5 kg bag is $37.60. Prices subject to change.

To assist in preparation of a quote please advise:

1/ Address for delivery.

2/ Quantity required ( Large quanties may attract special pricing )

 Please email for a quote

Special white earthenware body for throwing and modelling. It is a high quality and polyvalent clay, very popular for its finesse and plasticity. Its balanced calcium carbonate content confers higher
stability than traditional white earthenware bodies. Its coefficients of thermal expansion are ideal for standard glazes for pottery, in both once and twice firing processes. Available in extruded body(moist form) for throwing, shaping and modelling.

Firing range (biscuit): 1050-1080ºC
Water content (throwing): 20%
Plasticity (IP Atterberg): 16
Carbonate content (CaCO3): 17%
Drying shrinkage: 6.8%
Firing shrinkage (1050ºC): -0.4%
Porosity (water absorption at 1050ºC): 12.3%
Dry bending strength: 5.1 N/mm2
Fired bending strength (1050ºC): 27.8 N/mm2
Thermal coefficient (25-500ºC): 79.1 x 10-70C-1