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Flumo Self-Hardening Casting Slip




FLUMO is self-hardening casting slip that achieves high hardness when dry. It is used exclusively with plaster moulds for the traditional slip casting process, obtaining a high quality finished piece with a similar strength to fired ceramic slip. It is excellent for doll and miniature production. In the liquid form, FLUMO can be dyed with any pigment or dye soluble that is soluble in water. Once the object is dry it can be easily polished, coloured and glazed. 
The product conforms to the European product safety standard EN-71 and is certified an AP (Approved Product) non-toxic product by the ACMI  of USA and is labelled in accordance with the safety standard ASTM D4236. Being gluten-free it is also suitable for use by children.

Available in 1 litre and 3.5 litre jars.