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Shinhan Pass Colour 20ml Series D




Shinhan Pass Colour is a hybrid of watercolor and gouache

Free expression from opaqueness to transparency ShinHan PASS Color is ideal for those who want to express both transparentness and opaqueness to their artwork at once. By controlling the amount of water dilution, transparency can be adjusted. As with gouache or poster colours, expressing flat, opaque effects are also easily attained with PASS Colors. These unique features that PASS Color has allow the artist to create beautiful blends, as well as colour on colour effects.

PASS Color offers a wide range of 48 colours and all colors are available in 20ml tubes.

Comprised of high quality pigments and gum arabic,

All PASS colors have been tested and certified by an independent toxicologist from ACMI (Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc.) and are considered to be non-toxic products.