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Sakura Ceramglass Glass & Ceramic Markers Set of 8




Sakura Ceramglass Glass & Ceramic Decoration Markers

Set of 8

Draw directly on porcelain, glass and ceramics with Ceramglass. It's the only ceramic marker that doesn't require baking after decorating, because the ink dries itself. After 12 hours your decoration will be dishwasher safe, colourfast and fade resistant. 
Mistakes are easily corrected with the Sakura Ceramglass. Up to 12hrs after application, simply use a cotton wool bud, a cloth dipped in alcohol or a baby wipe to remove or change your design. Ceramglass are for decoration purposes only. Do not use the ink on surfaces that come into direct contact with food or drink, such as the tops of plates or the insides of cups.
Sakura Ceramglass pens are best stored horizontally.

8 Colours in each set (red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, white and black)

Available in 1mm (fine) or 2mm (medium) nib