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Fredrix Archival Watercolour Canvas Pads




A revolutionary new watercolour surface made of 100% cotton. The unique texture of an all natural woven material, in combination with a patented, specially formulated acid-free coating, delivers a unique new watercolour painting experience and distinctive look that can only be captured on real canvas. Manufactured from acid-free materials and gauranteed to be of 100% archival quality. Watercolour stretched canvases and boards will not buckle like ordinary watercolour paper when wet. Watercolour canvas in pads and rolls can be cut to any size and will perform just like watercolour paper and should be taped or stapled to a firm suppourt to prevent buckling. Great "lifting" quality and durability. Unlike paper, watercolour canvas is more durable. It will not tear like watercolour paper, so you can scratch it, scrape it, staple it, wet it and re-wet it and it will not damage your canvas.

Available in sizes: 9x12", 12x16", 16x20" and 18x24"