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Chameleon Introductory - Pen and Colour Top Set.




Want to try Chameleon Pens?

This is the perfect kit to give you a taste of how the Chameleon system lets you Color like no other!

With just 3 Chameleon Pens and 2 Chameleon Color Tops you can create over 20 brilliant color tones and blends! Just imagine what you could do with all 50 colors of Chameleon Pens and Color Tops!

We designed this pack with a bright color palette and made it an affordable price for just about anyone to try out the innovative Chameleon system.

Kit contains

  • 3 Chameleon Pens in NU2 - Light peach, PK5 - Fuchsia and BG3 - Turquoise
  • 2 Chameleon Color Tops in BL6 - Royal Blue and YL2 - Summer Sun

Chameleon Pens
Chameleon Pens are much more than a normal marker - they give you the power to change color and bring simplicity to your art. Each pen goes from as light as a hint of a tint to rich tones, eliminating tonal gaps in your collection.

  • Chameleon Pens. One pen, multiple color tones!
  • For simple, seamless, color gradations! 
  • Create depth, dimension, highlights, shading and shadows…all with one pen!
  • Built to last, Chameleon Color Tones have nearly twice as much ink as a regular marker pen.
  • Can also be used like a traditional marker.
  • Professional quality, with alcohol-based ink.
  • Refillable, and have replaceable Japanese Nibs.
  • Permanent on most surfaces (including: fabrics, glass, plastic and wood).
  • Compatible with all other alcohol-based pens and inks.
  • Perfect for curious kids, aspiring amateurs, keen colorists, creative crafters, ambitious students, accomplished artists and design professionals.

Chameleon Color Tops
Simply pop a Chameleon Color Top on top of a Chameleon Pen. Rather than blending two colors on the page, blend colors at the source (nib), for beautiful, smooth and seamless color to color blends. Even opposite colors like orange and green can be blended together without a seam!  

  • One pen, color-to-color blends!
  • For simple, seamless color-to-color blends! 
  • Achieve tonal gradients, blend opposing colors or get creative and stack numerous Tops to achieve amazing blends.
  • Add Chameleon Color Tops to your Chameleon Pens to get over 1000 color blending combinations!
  • Professional quality, with alcohol-based ink.
  • Refillable, and have replaceable Japanese Nibs.