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Akua Water Based Intaglio Ink Series 1




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Akua Intaglio ink is made with high quality pigments in a soy-based binder with minimal water content. It contains no driers so the ink never skins or hardens in the jar resulting in virtually no waster due to unwanted drying. Akua Intaglio colours are brilliant, strong, lightfast and permanent. They are safe and easy to use and clean up quickly with detergent. Originally developed for safer intaglio-type plates, Akua Intaglio ink also works well for printing traditional etched copper and zinc plates and rolls up nicely for relief and monotype printing. 14 colours available in 59ml and 237ml jars over 2 series. Carbon Black also available in 473ml.


Available in 59ml and 237ml jars over 2 series.  Carbon Black also available in 473ml.