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Akua Kolor Liquid Pigment




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Akua Kolor Liquid Pigment has a rich working consistency ideal for all monotype printing techniques. It stays wet on the plate for a very long time, allowing many hours to create an image. It can be used right out of the bottle for brushwork or for rolling up thin coats of ink onto monotype plates. Akua Kolor is made with the highest quality light-fast pigments in a gum-based binder with no chalks or fillers, allowing the brilliance of each colour to come through. The colours are exceptionally strong yet transparent and the thin viscosity makes it ideal for printing many layers of ink on top of each other. The high pigment load of Akua Kolor makes it ideal for tinting Akua Intaglio ink or Akua Intaglio Transparent base. It can also be used for Japanese woodblock printing and printing onto paper. Cleans up easily with water. 4 series available in 118ml bottles.