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Derwent Artist Pencils

Derwent artists coloured pencils

Derwent artists’ pencils are often regarded as being one of the best quality pencils for a wide range of colouring needs. Created using only the finest quality pigments, the Derwent artists’ coloured pencils yield deep, rich colours and outstanding coverage. What’s more, these pencils contain a soft texture strip, allowing for delicate as well as darker and more intense shading.

Another great feature about the Derwent coloured pencils range is that they produce a waxy texture, which is ideal for blending and layering. This makes it possible to take your art to a whole new level by mixing and creating your very own shades of colour, meaning you’re truly limited only by your imagination.

These artists’ coloured pencils are available in a wide range of options including wooden box sets of 48, 72 and 120 with tin sets in configurations of 12, 24,36 and 72 allowing you to pick the right set for your art needs.

Derwent Coloured pencils set of 36

Derwent Artists Coloured Pencils - Tin of 36

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