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NUART Serpentine - Green (1- 5kg pieces)




Serpentine is an attractive green carving stone preferred by artists and sculptors alike. Our Serpentine is rated at 1.5 - 2.5 (medium/hard) on the non-linear Mohs Hardness Scale which means its absolute hardness is up to 2 times that of soapstone. This stone is imported from India and is one of the most commonly used carving stones. It possesses a homogenous structure (i.e. same composition throughout the stone) and can be polished to a glossy finish using 1200 grit wet'n dry abrasive paper.
Finished Serpentine can often be difficult to distinguish from Jade; a testament to the beauty of this fine material. This harder stone can be worked with a club hammer and chisel, scutch hammer and chisel, rasps and files before finishing. 

Larger pieces up to 50kg in weight are also available in green, red/green and green/black. For inquiries please phone 03 9428 1511